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Telling big stories in a personal way.
We all want to be told a good story. At Barbershop, every one of our editors, producers, directors, and cinematographers have something in common: we’re storytellers. This narrative-driven, nationally televised commercial for FCL took us on a grand adventure through urban and rural Saskatchewan to tell an intimate story of a family connecting during the holidays. To execute a big-budget, multi-day shoot with a large assembly of cast, crew, and extras, we ensured everyone involved shared the same storytelling vision so that even the most complicated scenes were communicated with clarity and simplicity.

DOP – Thomas Buchan

1ac – Robin Leveille

2ac – Kelvin Wong

Director – Jeremy Drummond

AD – Adam Kitter

Editing – Alex Stevens

VFX – Ian Buchko

Colour – Post Pro Media

In just a few days, we shot in gas stations, airports, private homes, and highways. It seemed like a huge task. But everyone was so locked in, that it ended up turning out better than I ever expected.
– Adam Kitter