Derek Baxter, Barbershop Co-Founder and Director—

Derek Baxter


With over 20 years of experience in video, marketing, and brand-building, Derek brings an immense level of expertise and insight to his directing and storytelling. As a partner of Barbershop Films for over 10 years, Derek has written and directed an enviable portfolio of creative work for brands such as Destination Canada, BC Cancer, Indigenous Tourism Association of Canada, Cactus Club Café, the Dilawri Group of Companies and BC Children’s Hospital to name a few.

Derek drives his creative vision from the client brief throughout all aspects of production, from selecting talent and crew on set, to the editing team. Our clients rest assured that when they work with Derek, he will ensure their brand is served from inception to completion. With a background that includes music and theater, Derek is at home on set and has the ability to connect to everyone in front of and behind the camera, and get the best performance possible. This is particularly seen when working with “non-actors” who might otherwise feel out of their element when lights, microphones and cameras are directed their way.

Even in the face of emotionally complex situations, such as the loss of a child or the trauma of residential schools, Derek establishes a safe environment for rich storytelling.

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ITAC – WestJet Connections

In this immersive, heartfelt, and deeply personal ad for WestJet and Destination Indigenous, we needed to create something that felt like an intimate journal entry, something that illustrates the power that travel has to connect us with individuals and cultures, both past and present. In diving in to this production, we took time to meet and learn about the cultures, stories, and histories of these northern communities, letting their knowledge guide ours, and capturing their beautiful traditions, land, food, and families, in an informed and thoughtful way.

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Destination Canada – Power of Aboriginal Tourism

We are immensely proud of the work we’ve been privileged enough to do with Indigenous communities. We have learned in working with Indigenous communities that it’s an invitation in to learn, connect, and create in a reflective and collaborative way. And that’s what we try to do at every stage of production: reflect that which has been shared with us, and do it in a compelling, beautiful way. This ad for Destination Canada reflects that journey we embarked on with our Indigenous relations.

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Cactus Club Cafe – Poke Bowl Launch Spot

The art is in the details. In creating this lavish, pristine, and mouthwatering spot for Cactus Club, we harnessed the same precision and control in our direction, cinematography, lighting, and editing, that the chefs did in their meticulous creation and presentation of their food. It is always a pleasure when we can use our full technical craft to highlight the professional craft of others.

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ITAC – Indigenous Air BnB Experiences

Shot in beautiful Yellowknife, NWT, for AirBnB and WestJet, the design of this ad was to integrate the well-known AirBNB interface, sprinkled throughout, in order to emphasize how AirBnB can enhance any trip in a multitude of ways. But equally important in the ad was to understand and document this vibrant and rarely-seen northern community, devoting time during the production to capture their culture in the most deservedly breathtaking way possible.

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Dilawri – Porsche Centre Vancouver Launch

This spot for Dilawri Porsche Centre Vancouver demonstrates director Derek Baxter’s versatility and command of his craft in a video that has both a cinematic narrative and jaw-dropping visuals while being effortlessly informative. A movie-trailer-esque opening, with visuals typically found in big budget productions, seamlessly transitions into a thrilling hype video, which slowly builds until the grand opening reveal at its conclusion. Shot with a U-Crane and using several exquisite sports cars from the dealership, the video proves that in the hands of a talented director, any project can look and feel like a major Hollywood production.

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PHSA – BCEHS Recruiting Spot

Unscripted and featuring real paramedics at work, this recruitment video puts a spotlight on the unsung heroes of our society. As we followed paramedics responding to calls, we ensured everyone on and off camera was safe and comfortable before we started shooting – creating an environment where the rewards of the job and the personalities in uniform can radiate through the camera.

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Cactus Club CafeWe Are Cactus

This brand video for the Cactus Club Cafe personifies the passion and dedication behind everything they do. In turning the spotlight to the diverse and enthusiastic people who make up the Cactus Club team, we helped paint an in-depth portrait of a business, a team, and a philosophy that is unmistakably inviting.

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BHP – Canadian Potash

Many of the corporations we work with, including BHP Billiton, create products that travel around the world. Thus, we need to create content that speaks to both their local and global impact – marrying images together that embody the micro and macro impacts of this global leader.