Adam Kitter, Director, in-house and integral—

Adam Kitter


With an eye for exactly where the commercial, artistic, and cinematic overlap, Adam Kitter’s directorial vision gives his work a distinct and immersive feel with a timeless mass appeal. Both Adam’s work, and his film sets, are crackling with infectious energy in his constant pursuit of the designed creative vision.

A grassroots director who cultivated his craft by working as both a shooter and producer, as well as director, Adam has quickly risen as a force in commercial film, leading projects for distinguished brands like Federated Co-operatives Limited, Brand Live, and Canada Beef. Adam has a gift to not only adapt to shoot in any environment, but to empower any actor [or non-actor] appearing in front of the camera to feel fully present, confident, and safe.

As such, Adam loves populating his work with real people and believable characters, capturing their genuine and unfiltered emotion. His work, whether comedic, documental, or dramatic, is deeply cinematic and finds unforgettable moments of authenticity wherever they appear.

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PHSA – BCEHS Prince Rupert Recruitment

Recruitment videos are all about balance – revealing how a vocation can greatly enrich one’s life both on and off the job. In this video for BCEHS, we were able to capture dynamic drone photography, as well as natural moments with the subjects’ work and personal lives, and most importantly, some majestic dog scenes, in order to emphasize the rewards of a career with BCEHS.

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Federated Co-operatives LimitedCanada Beef AAA Beef

Creating content for food and beverage sector necessitates that every technical element of the production is dialled in. Our director ensures that our cinematographer, gaffer, and the food stylists capture images that are inviting, mouthwatering, and remind us of our own memories of savouring the simple pleasures in life.

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JPCHFWhat is Your Reason

We love producing content that features real people and speaks to the profound impact an organization can have on a family. For this ad, we created the appropriate time and space for families to share their life-changing experiences with the Children’s Hospital. The ad is particularly moving because the people, the emotions, and the impacts, are real.

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Federated Co-operatives LimitedFull Service Fuel

Our society, cultures, and practices often change at a rate we don’t expect. It’s our job to respond to and communicate these changes in a timely, and graceful, manner. This ad does exactly that – uses the cautions and restrictions of the pandemic to highlight Co-op’s famously clean washrooms and highlight their commitment to public safety.

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Co-op Refinery ComplexBecause We Live Here Too

Creating a narative that resonates both visually and emotionally is paramount for the sucess of any campaign, our task with this project for the Co-op Refinery Complex was designed around this principle. Working alongside the McKim Agency, we created several scenes that exmplifiy the ways in which employees of the refinery are tied to the community and the direct impacts they have everyday.

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Brand Live O Canada Broadcast

In this promotion for Brand Live, we wanted to create something where the pride in the diversity of our country was evident in every pixel of the production. Casting performers, both professional and non, from all walks of life and cultures, and shooting it in beautiful British Columbia, allowed us to share what makes Canada great.

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Federated Co-operatives Limited – Fresh Facilities

Both cinematic and humorous, as well as a little gross, this is one of the most enjoyable productions we’ve proudly produced with FCL. Working off their clever concept, our production design and art team constructed some marvellously grotesque sets and props, while our cinematographer and gaffer ensured things looked cinematically slummy, to contrast with FCL’s famously clean facilities. And behind Jeremy’s gift for directing comic nuance, the final product is one we’ll never want to flush away.

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BHP – Canadian Potash

Many of the corporations we work with, including BHP Billiton, create products that travel around the world. Thus, we need to create content that speaks to both their local and global impact – marrying images together that embody the micro and macro impacts of this global leader.