Alex Stevens, Director, in-house and integral—

Alex Stevens


Alex Stevens exemplifies the role of a modern director, blending the meticulousness of a seasoned cinematographer with the vision and leadership essential for crafting compelling narratives. His work is playful, emotionally-charged, and vibrant – advanced by his seemingly limitless technical knowledge and talent.

His commitment to collaboration in every project ensures a seamless realization of client visions into captivating cinematic experiences. His sharp focus on advancing what’s possible in commercial films have led him to creating content for global powerhouses like Red Bull and Apple to regional leaders such as SaskTel and Federated Co-operatives Limited.

Alex’s creative cinematic approach, his attention to detail, and his technical proficiency produces consistent excellence across any style or genre. His imagination, obsession for pushing his craft, and his insightful observations of life turn everyday moments of warmth, humour, and joy into something cinematic – the moments that hit us on a deeply human level.

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Federated Co-operatives Limited – Here for Farms, Here for Families

Working with FCL allows us to spotlight the all-encompassing impacts they have on Western Canadian families. Shot over the course of the day with a real family on their farm, we were able to get to know the family, who shared with us a typical day in their lives – a day impacted in countless ways by Co-op. This day was documented with naturalness, yet visually elevated by some stunning cinematography to emphasize the beauty created when investing in farms and families.

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SaskTel – $0 Phones

Carefree and lively commercials, like this summery spot for SaskTel, routinely require the most care and planning – rigging the car to capture those windy passenger selfies, finding the perfect way to capture a paddleboard gliding along a lake, and casting actors with a natural chemistry. Having fun is hard work. Shot over one day at Wascana Park in Regina, this ad evokes those timeless memories we all have of spending a weekend with our closest friends.

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RoughridersHome Opener

Everywhere else it’s just football, but in Saskatchewan, it’s a religion. While the fandom in this ad might seem magnified, in truth it’s not far from reality, where game-days see the province bathed in green. Our job was to inhabit that same level of feverish enthusiasm at every step of production so that the final product rings true to those with green in their veins.

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Remai Modern – Worth a Look

Every production warrants us bringing our sharpest tools (both mental and technical), which is never more true than when working with a world renowned art gallery. In this humorous spot for Remai Modern, all about bringing your own interpretation when faced with the art in their gallery, we shot it on the state-of-the-art RED Komodo, so the images on the screen are as glorious as those on the walls.

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Country Thunder – Get Ready

This ad allowed us to flex a few different muscles at once – showcasing our striking, exuberant live concert footage with our meticulously crafted scripted content. Our relationship with Country Thunder is one of our many longstanding and collaborative client relationships, where we deeply understand each others makeup, practices, and marketing goals, and together bring out the best in one another.

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Brand LiveDelhi 2 Dublin

Music videos require a high degree of planning and precision to make them sing. It’s not only in detailed editing to ensure everything cuts together seamlessly, but also requires an intangible feeling, a rhythm that the director has to understand and communicate with his crew, so our decisions are motivated by the music.

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Federated Co-operatives Limited – Fresh Facilities

Both cinematic and humorous, as well as a little gross, this is one of the most enjoyable productions we’ve proudly produced with FCL. Working off their clever concept, our production design and art team constructed some marvellously grotesque sets and props, while our cinematographer and gaffer ensured things looked cinematically slummy, to contrast with FCL’s famously clean facilities. And behind Jeremy’s gift for directing comic nuance, the final product is one we’ll never want to flush away.

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BHP – Canadian Potash

Many of the corporations we work with, including BHP Billiton, create products that travel around the world. Thus, we need to create content that speaks to both their local and global impact – marrying images together that embody the micro and macro impacts of this global leader.