Nathan Raine, Lead Scribbler—

Nathan Raine

Writer - Saskatoon, SK

With the fingers of a typist and the brain of a Semitic ChatGPT, Nathan is our gifted writer who has vowed never to write in the third-person (but also understands that everyone is, at least temporarily, corruptible). The Saskatchewan-based writer has a broad resumé, with his journalism appearing in publications like VICE and The Metro; humour in The Onion; fiction appearing in literature publications worldwide as well as recognized with an award from the New York Foundation for the Arts; and his film work has been screened in festivals across North America and Europe, including historic festivals in Girona and Long Island. But he is perhaps best known for his scrawl on urinal splash guards.

A key member of the Barbershop team since 2020, Nathan is responsible for much of our written material, including proposals and creative treatments, marketing and promotional content, website copy, and scripts. Nathan’s well-rounded experience and talent allow him to inhabit any voice or adopt any style as best suited for each individual project while bringing a distinct vibrancy and energy to everything he writes. Some people at Barbershop would describe Nathan as terribly witty, and those people were paid handsomely for their remarks. When not at work, Nathan is usually outside with his dog Ray or inside with a jar of full sour kosher dills. His biggest regret in life is never learning to read.

Do people tell you that you look like someone famous? If so, who? If not, who should we be telling you that you look like?

My sister and I both look a lot like Brit Marling. She might be an estranged sibling.


If you could only eat one dish for every meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Anything Guy Fieri makes.


Favourite bath and beauty products?

Same answer as the last question.


What’s your favourite hand-drying method in public washrooms?

In order of most to least preferred:
1. Paper towel
2. My clothing or socks
3. The bathroom walls
4. Death
5. Air dryer
6. Dyson air blade


Do you like asking yourself questions?