At Barbershop Films we are looking for passionate & innovative talents who can shape the future—

You’ll be surrounded by exceptional technical equipment and services, as well as friendly individuals who will compliment you on your haircut (or shoes if you don’t have hair). Our work environment encourages collaboration in order to meet the diverse challenges and opportunities within the industry. At Barbershop Films, you’ll be empowered to take on responsibility, make creative decisions, and grow within your career.

While we are in constant pursuit to create the best possible content and services for our clients, we also prioritize creating the best and most supportive environment for our colleagues.


"One of the things I love about working here is how all our natural gifts blend together. It’s embracing what everyone offers that makes us such a good team.”

– Raegan Cooper, Director of Business Affairs

01 - Team Oriented

We pride ourselves on creating an environment that is creative, inclusive, connected, and flexible. You won’t work for us. You’ll work with us.

01 - Inclusive

We strive to provide equitable access for everyone. The only thing we discriminate against is discrimination itself.

01 - Diversity

In everything we do, both in front and behind the camera, we strive for inclusivity, and to reflect the wealth of diversity in our beautiful country.

01 - Innovative

We are constantly pushing to improve our artistry and technical abilities so we can provide the best to our employees.


We are currently looking for someone like you!

  • Production Assistant
    2 Years

    A Production Assistant, or Production Aide, is someone who works with a production crew and is responsible for general office support required by the production and post-production teams. The main responsibilities of a Production Assistant include working closely with the Department Heads or Producers on projects, preparing documents or conducting basic office duties as required, and assisting with logistical support for the production

  • Test Career 1
    10+ Years

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We are always on the lookout for talented freelance and contract-based professionals

The skill-sets that fit into the film and video industry are as limitless as its opportunities. Passionate about art and design? Great at organizing teams, coordinating groups, and planning events? Obsessed with technology, cameras, or filmmaking? Natural eye for photography? Musically gifted with knowledge of sound recording and mixing? Able to carry heavy things without breaking them? You might very well be a perfect fit at Barbershop Films.

Production Crew

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Post Production

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Motion Artists

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Freelance with us

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