Alex Stevens, Expertise, Experience & Enviable Eyelashes—

Alex Stevens

Creative Director - Regina, SK

As an innovative storyteller, astute director, endlessly talented shooter and editor, and a dogged producer who will instantly feel like your best friend, there is little Alex cannot do (aside from swinging a golf club in a normal fashion). Alex is one of those individuals whose temperament, natural talents, and creative passions perfectly align with his vocation. Alex studied Film Production at the University of Regina where he graduated with a BFA. From there, like a poorly hit golf ball, he flung himself across the film industry, gaining experience as an assistant director and grip/electric on big-budget movies and TV shows like Hungry Hills and Insecurity.

Craving a more creative direction, Alex started his own video production company, the sublimely named ‘Clipio’, where he was responsible for every element of production from conception to the final cut. A colleague introduced him to Barbershop CEO Jeremy Drummond [then called Studio 10 Productions] who was working in the same creative video space. Alex began collaborating with Jeremy in 2011 and became a partner in the company in 2012 [RIP Clipio].

Now, as Creative Director at Barbershop, Alex develops and oversees the creative and technical components of a production from start to finish. He has produced video content for major brands like Apple, Bloomberg, Federated Cooperatives Limited, Westjet, Walmart, Red Bull, Rockstar, and Country Thunder International. With extensive knowledge of virtually every component of production, Alex’s creative ceiling is limitless. He strives to find precisely the right tone and approach that serves every project and thus creates works that are emotional, cinematic, and unique across any genre or sector. When not at work, Alex likes travelling with his wife and kids, coaching hockey, telling strangers about his boat, or trying to convince people that his beautifully long eyelashes are not, in fact, extensions.

Do people tell you that you look like someone famous? If so, who? If not, who should we be telling you that you look like?

People tell me I look like Adrien Brody because of my huge honking bent nose. Also, sometimes Eli Manning.

What’s your least favourite smell?

Probably stale cigarettes.

How fast can you run?

Not very fast, but I can run for a long time.

What’s your favourite hand-drying method in public washrooms?

Paper towel. Because you can dry it better and quicker, then you can use the paper towel to open the dirty door handle.

If Gerber offered to put your face on the cover of their baby food for the next year with no explanation, would you say yes?

God no. How creepy is that? A dude with a beard on baby food? It would ruin my life.