Adam Kitter, Head of Pathfinding—

Adam Kitter

Head of Production

At once a talented filmmaker, a tireless administrator, and a charismatic people-person, Adam is someone whose unmistakable passion for his craft is obvious from the moment you meet him and his booming laugh.

As Head of Production, Adam has been a key member of Barbershop Films, and a catalyst for its growth, since its infancy. From Saskatoon, Adam studied Marketing at the University of Saskatchewan before realizing more empirical pursuits were his calling. He attended the Centre for Arts and Technology in Kelowna, and shortly thereafter returned to Saskatoon to start Adam Kitter Productions, where he found immediate success, having a music video he produced, directed, and shot for Saskatchewan artist Donny Parenteau played nationally on CMT, and later won video of the year at the Canadian Aboriginal Music Awards, and a video of the year award for Fiddleback at the Aboriginal People’s Choice Awards.

His creativity, technical chops, and ability to lead any level of project got him noticed by Barbershop Films, where he was brought on to run the Saskatoon office in 2012. Since, Adam has produced nationally telecast commercials for Federated Co-operatives Limited, was a local producer for The Amazing Race Canada, and has produced, directed, shot, or edited hundreds of advertisements for Barbershop Films for nearly every industry, and of every conceivable style and budget range. His work with Barbershop has been recognized with multiple CAMA Awards, including Best of Show, Best Campaign, and Best TV Commercial in 2021 and 2019.

As Head of Production, Adam’s wide disciplinary experience provides him with fluency with every department, while his extrovert nature allows him to quickly form collaborative relationships with each client. A sponge for new knowledge and experiences, Adam is endlessly fascinated with discovering the inner workings of any person or occupation. When not at the Barbershop, Adam is usually exploring the outdoors with his wife and daughter, or grooming his white-hot beard in the event it needs to be used as a distress flag.

What’s one irrational fear that you have?

Things that reside underwater.


What’s your least favourite smell?

Black licorice


How fast can you run?

Not as fast as I used to.


What’s your favourite hand-drying method in public washrooms?

Three paper towels and the rest gets wiped off on the pants. I don’t waste.


What’s one song you’re embarrassed to admit you like?

Anything Taylor Swift. She makes me feel emotions.


You’re in a near-empty airplane, but a stranger walks up to you and sits on your lap. What do you do?

Ask them to buy me a drink first.