Jessa Zborosky, The Countess of Count—

Jessa Zborosky

Accounting Coordinator - Regina, SK

Number cruncher and ice cream muncher, Jessa is not only the glue that holds Barbershop together but makes sure our business always runs smoothly. Born and raised in Regina, Saskatchewan, Jessa has always had a talent for accounting and financial management. Previously, Jessa held things down at Regina-based dispensary The Bakery, where as Director of Retail and Operations, she oversaw the entire management team and product ordering. Her incredible work ethic, easy demeanour, and perfectionism in every detail of her job made her an obvious recruit to the Barbershop team.

As Accounting Coordinator at Barbershop, Jessa is responsible for performing finance and procedural work, maintaining records and financial reports, and coordinating with the production team on budgets and expenses. And obviously, not cooking the books. Jessa is extremely driven, organized, impervious to stress or pressure, and is a sponge for knowledge, eager to learn any bit of information that might make her even greater in her job. And perhaps most importantly, her analytic and methodical approach provides an essential balance to the creative team at Barbershop. When she’s not working, Jessa is usually chasing around her Norwegian elkhound ‘Maverick’ and her two step-kids with her partner at Good Spirit Lake, or adding to her collection of vintage calculators.

What’s the best concert you’ve ever been to and why?

Adele in Seattle.


What’s one irrational fear that you have?

I scare very easily, I’m always really jumpy. But I do have a fear of bugs that I think is very rational.


If you could only eat one dish for every meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Any tacos in Mexico. Or Tacofino in Vancouver.


What’s your least favourite smell?

I hate the smell of lavender. I just don’t think I’m a floral person.


Well then, what’s your favourite flower?

I love sunflowers.


What’s your favourite hand-drying method in public washrooms?

Paper towels, easily.


What’s your favourite travel destination?

I love camping in the summer with my family.