Chad Reynolds, Accomplished Shampooer—

Chad Reynolds

Senior Producer - Saskatoon, SK

Born with the uncanny ability to squeeze genuine optimism and positivity out of any situation or challenge, Chad is our exceptionally talented Senior Producer whose greatest asset is quite likely his character. Despite being named and looking like the quarterback from your high school [in truth, he’s not very good at throwing], Chad actually has had a very diversified career, sought after for his talent and natural ability to communicate and connect with anyone. A grad from the University of Saskatchewan, Chad worked in the marketing department at Spare Parts before taking a job with Barbershop Films [formerly Studio 10 Productions] as a videographer from 2013 to 2015. Chad then worked for Tourism Saskatoon while freelancing as a videographer.

Quickly cultivating his craft and building a strong client base, Chad started his own video production company, the Golden Media House, which he ran from 2016 to 2022 and created content for industry leaders like Destination Vancouver, Bauer Hockey, Insightrix, and Remai Modern. He also had a managing role on The Amazing Race Canada and worked on the production team for an international National Geographic show. His strong work ethic, refined technical skills, and charisma make him exactly the type of talent we want on our Barbershop team, and thus, Golden merged with Barbershop in the summer of 2022.

Now, as Senior Producer, Chad is the first point of contact for all productions in Saskatoon, and navigates any component of production, from pre-production conceptualization, to directing and shooting, to post-editing and colouring. And, as a musician, Chad’s cinematic works are often focused on rhythmic and tightly structured narratives, while being underscored by sharp editing, vibrant visuals, and a robust sound design. When he’s not working, Chad can often be found camping with his fiance and two young daughters or crying for the full duration of a New York Giants game.

What’s the best concert you’ve ever been to and why?

Prince. Edmonton in 2014.

Do people tell you that you look like someone famous? If so, who? If not, who should we be telling you that you look like?

I used to get Seacrest a lot. (he still does)

Have you ever waved at someone, only to realize they were waving at someone behind you? How did this make you feel?

Quite frequently. Like one out of every five times I’m out in public. Makes me feel like the person that’s waving got two waves for the price of one.

What’s your favourite hand-drying method in public washrooms?

I do like those old cloth roller things that are all stained. I always get excited when I see those.

You’re in a near-empty airplane, but a stranger walks up to you and sits on your lap. What do you do?

Extend my seatbelt so it reaches around them too. I’ll click them.