Dyson Nordwick Chan, World's Suavest Vacuum—

Dyson Nordwick Chan

Videographer - Saskatoon, SK

Contrary to the general associations accompanying the name, our Dyson does not, in fact, suck. Rather, the young videographer is busting at the seams with exuberance and talent that is decidedly unsucky. Born and raised in Regina, Saskatchewan, Dyson’s journey into the film industry started in the most unlikely of places: Olofström, Sweden, where he played with their hockey club, the IK Steelers, for a season. Buying a camera in order to document his trip unearthed a passion for both the technical and narrative side of digital filmmaking, where he found he had a natural talent. After returning to Sweden, he began obsessively educating himself in film and videography – an obsession which he’s still feeding. While freelancing as a videographer across Saskatchewan and Alberta, he also found shooting gigs with Strategy Lab and Subtle Cinematics in Regina.

His inspired video work and infectious energy caught the attention of Barbershop Films, where he started full-time in 2021. As a Videographer, Dyson is a gifted and advanced shooter, editor, and colourist. Moreover, Dyson’s love for his craft, his hunger to constantly cultivate his filmmaking skills, and his understanding of current trends and innovations make him an invaluable asset both on-set and in the studio. When he’s not in the ‘Shop, Dyson loves taking his Subaru on road trips or to get a new head-gasket, losing his sunglasses, playing hockey with Ingrid Bergman’s relatives, and receiving compliments on his meticulously managed hair.

What’s your least favourite smell?

Probably socks after a long road trip or snowboarding.

How fast can you run?

I can run really fast. I can outrun anyone at Barbershop.

What’s your favourite hand-drying method in public washrooms?

The Dyson machine. I almost always take a picture with it when I see one.

How would your colleagues describe you?

The young buck. Alex likes having me around because he said I keep him young.

If Gerber offered to put your face on the cover of their baby food for the next year with no explanation, would you say yes?

Yeah, I’d do it. When I’m talking to my older friends, and they get their baby food, I’d just ask, ‘How’d my face look?’