At Barbershop Films, we believe that stories are the most powerful tool for human connection, and we serve those who have stories to tell. We collect and welcome relationships that help others discover and reveal their essence through compelling video stories. We are committed to building relationships with clients that go beyond a typical supplier. We believe that the most powerful story is one that is revealed – not fabricated – through empathetic listening and collaboration.

"To be a person is to have a story to tell".

- Isak Denisen

Since its inception over 10 years ago, Barbershop has produced more than 600 films with a diverse range of clients, from Olympic Games to dental clinics; Government Ministries to advertising agencies; from forestry to philanthropy. We have tackled jobs with multiple stake-holders with multiple agendas. We have helped tell countless stories in literal and figurative senses. We have produced commercials, brand videos, television programs, and short films. Our projects have taken us on extended shoots to remote locations across the country, under challenging conditions. We have produced for large worldwide audiences (Vancouver 2010 Opening Ceremony) and have also embraced the opportunity created by small budgets and tight deadlines. We scale our team accordingly, and no job is too big or too small.

Barbershop is a full-service production company with the resources and experience to bring any story to life, from concept to final execution. To reveal the stories of our clients, we must follow a unique path that is appropriate to them. In many respects our process adjusts to each project, by scaling up or down a common approach:

Getting to know each other
Concept Development

This is about you, not us.

Getting to know each other

At Barbershop we take the time to develop a working relationship that is collaborative, passionate, generous and fun. Many of our clients are friends, and our discussions are not restricted to business. We try to create an environment where everyone feels safe enough to be vulnerable, allowing them to share their full potential with the group. We have found that listening is the best way of leading when it comes to creative development, and many of our video concepts have originated from our clients. We get to know you and the challenges you face, the messages you wish to convey, and the audience you hope to engage. We then craft a plan together that maximizes the time and budget you have available.

Concept Development

As an outcome of our relationship, we distill ideas into a concept that is achievable in video. This approach determines what will be filmed and how we will do it, any use of graphic elements, music and/or narration. Concept boards and when necessary detailed storyboards are created to facilitate a common understanding with a project lead and any others who will input or authorize the work.


Our experience with a large range of projects gives us the ability to handle any operational challenges, including tight budgets and/or timing. We are transparent of our concerns and any risks to delivery and will ensure alignment before we proceed.


We own the equipment required to produce most of our videos, with very high quality standards. We are continually using new equipment including the newest 4K cameras and editing software. We have an in-house studio with a green-screen shooting bay to complete a full range of work.


Our in-house editing stations and editing staff will bring the project through several stages of feedback, creative refinement, and both audio and visual finishing. From simple informative graphics to more complex CG transformations, we can manage a full range of projects in-house.

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Let's get to know each other!

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