Creating An Epic Advertisement (and result) from The Littlest Hobo

We worked with FCL on a special Canada Day commercial, utilizing one of our nation’s most recognizable songs, ‘Maybe Tomorrow’. The results shattered all realistic expectations. 01—H2 Subtitle Here Let’s start things with some grim statistics. You’re sitting down in front of your computer or phone to watch your daily dose of ASMR videos on […]

Amplifying to the Perfect Volume for Live Events

Understanding the audience, the client, and the tone of the event is essential in creating experiences s resonate. 01 —H2 Subtitle Here Here at Barbershop Films, we hold many strong convictions: each customer is a VIP and will be treated as such; dandelions are edible and under-utilized as side dishes; Sartre’s ideas of conformity versus […]

The Art of Cutting Your Teeth at Country Thunder

Country Thunder music festival has been one of the most instrumental (no pun intended) and consequential opportunities in our company’s history, forcing us to sink or swim. 01 —H2 Subtitle Here Any Country Thunder music festival we’ve attended has a very distinct feel. Whether they happened five days or five years ago, each one feels […]

With Drone, Aerial and FPV Cinematography, Sky is no Longer the Limit

From helicopters to drones to FPVs, Barbershop Films has the experience, the expertise, and the desire to add that ‘wow-factor’ to any level of production. 01 —H2 Subtitle Here It goes without saying that everyone’s ultimate fantasy is flying like a bird above a beautiful, sunny, and picturesque urban or rural landscape, of course with […]

Cinematic Oomph with the U-Crane and Gorilla Camera Truck

We dive into our work with the U-Crane (Russian Arm), Gorilla Camera Truck, and Ronin stabilizing systems to show how to make the impossible possible. 01—H2 Subtitle Here Sometimes the simplest tool is the right one for the job. Sometimes a static tripod shot, a fluid handheld, or simply putting the camera on the ground […]

Breathing Life into Educational Videos

We’re helping clients create important educational and instructional videos for their employees in a way that is fresh and engaging. 01 —H2 Subtitle Here When thinking of captivating or exciting activities, running with the bulls in Pamplona or skydiving during an electrical storm probably land slightly higher on your list than watching an educational video, […]

Camera to Cloud is Rewriting the Rules

Aerial Production

Share Print Back Back Uncategorized Share Print Picture by Barbershop Films After each take, a proxy file is almost instantaneously created and uploaded to a cloud server, which is accessible to both the client, crew, and editor. 01 —The old story goes something like this: We shoot. The digital footage needs a place to go, […]