Angie VanCuren, L.I.V.I.N.—

Lead Producer - Regina, SK

A pint-sized powerhouse of efficiency with a knack for making content and wrangling budgets. Hailing from small towns in Saskatchewan, this tree-photographing aficionado followed her passion of video production to the Vancouver Film School. From there, Angie moved to Toronto and quickly found success in producing projects for distinguished brands like Meta, Canadian Tire, and Hennessy, as well as producing an independent feature film.

Her desire to push herself professionally led her to working abroad for several years, producing content both remotely and locally across South America and Australia. Needing a break from living out of her suitcase, combined with a longing to re-experience the unusual aromas of Wascana Park, Angie returned to her hometown of Regina where Barbershop was eager to scoop up her talents.

She is a Lead Producer with Barbershop, producing projects from conception to completion. Angie is exceptionally organized, well-spoken, and above all, genuinely passionate about her job in a way that makes her virtually tireless in her pursuit of excellence. A natural motivator and extremely empathetic, Angie prides herself on connecting on both a professional and human-level with every individual involved in her productions.